Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Garden links

If you have a garden, you shouldn't read "It's a jungle out there - in the garden."

If you do, here are some links:

* "Mow your lawn... or risk jail time in Canton, Ohio" -- Associated Press.

* Canton, Ohio: "America's Playing Field"

* The HR-9016 Turbo™ lawn mower is real. It's listed as costing $71,489.

* Last year's article, "Climate Changes Are Making Poison Ivy More Potent," is from those nutty liberals at the Wall Street Journal.

* has really cool information about the plant -- and some of the nastiest rash-photos you'll ever see.

Breakfast and poison-ivy site don't mix. You've been warned.

* The salaciously titled "Rising Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide and Potential Impacts on the Growth and Toxicity of Poison Ivy (Toxicodendron Radicans)" by Weed Science, was the original source pointed out in the Wall Street Journal article.

* And what is High Times, you ask, pretending you don't know? It's a magazine about marijuana. And its vocal editor in chief is Steve Hager, from Woodstock. Marijuana, I shouldn't have to tell you, it's very illegal.

Just like tall grass in Canton, Ohio.