Friday, April 18, 2008

Professor Louie & The Cromatix

Today's Preview has a review of Professor Louie & The Cromatix's new album, "As the Crow Flies" which reviewer David Malachoski called "impressive."

Here they are, from left, Professor Louie, Frank Cambell, Josh Colow, Gary Burke and Miss Marie in front.

And here are samples from that album.

1. "Need For You"

2. "Daughters & Sons"

3. "Motherless Child"

4. "Century Of The Blues"

5. "Some Bad News"

6. "Clouds In My Heart"

7. "One More Day"

8. "Look What You Done"

9. "Bullfrog"

10. "Jackie"

11. "Sailin'"

12. "Mr. Luck"

13. "Restless Islands"

14. "Over The Edge"

15. "Tear Of The Clouds"

16. "No Division (Heart & Soul)"

17. "Life Is A Carnival"