Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I'm a quitter

In today's column, "Smoking ban coughs up strange whiff," I make some ridiculous points.

What's not ridiculous is my real decision to quit smoking. I've got two days so far, and many pencils have been chewed. I'm also cranky like Dick Cheney.

So? I'm not claiming success yet. I tried last week and I failed after two days (I ran out of pencils).

I must confess I'm not quitting because of this ban, or the fact that the state budget is bringing up the price through taxes, or because Dick Cheney doesn't care what you think.

Smoking is just nasty, but I've enjoyed it for some reason. I believe that reason is called nicotine.
Today I'm happy I can breath a bit better and unhappy the cravings are making me post blogs at 4:59 a.m.

Soon I'll turn into one of those ex-smokers who give smokers a bad time when they're puffing ("EWWWWW!")

I can't wait.


* "Kingston council approves smoking ban"

* Tobacco Free Action Coalition of Ulster County