Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Breaking news (from Liberty City)

The New York Times' Seth Schiesel had a story in the Arts section on Monday that started like this:

"I was rolling through the neon deluge of a place very like Times Square the other night in my Landstalker sport utility vehicle, listening to David Bowie’s “Fascination” on the radio. The glittery urban landscape was almost enough to make me forget about the warehouse of cocaine dealers I was headed uptown to rip off."

The story, a rave review of Rockstar's "Grand Theft Auto IV" was teased on the front page of the Times.

"'Grand Theft Auto IV' is a violent, intelligent, profane, endearing, obnoxious, sly, richly textured and thoroughly compelling work of cultural satire disguised as fun," Schiesel wrote.

According to the Associated Press, "the latest entry in the controversial video game franchise could be the most lucrative launch in entertainment history."

The AP has video, but it's not offensive enough. So here's one that will hopefully offend you.

The game is rated "M" for "Blood, Intense Violence, Partial Nudity, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content and Use of Drug and Alcohol."

See you in Liberty City.

Rockstar's Web site is not bad, either.