Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday, III

Unofficials results in Ulster County:
* Hillary Clinton received 7401 nods to Barack Obama's 7012.
* John McCain received 3370 to Mitt Romney's 1806.
* Add all Republican votes in Ulster County and you get 6671, not enough to independently beat either Clinton or Obama - Ouch!

Interesting numbers:

* Obama won the most liberal enclaves (Woodstock, New Paltz, Olive, Rosendale, SHANDAKEN?, ROCHESTER?, MARBLETOWN?)

* The closest margin for the Democrats were in Denning:
Clinton, 21;
Obama, 19;
John Edwards , with 3, and Dennis "WHERE ARE THE WEAPONS?" Kucinich, with 1, got the votes Obama wanted.

Same goes for Gardiner, where Clinton received 289 votes and Obama received 283, just six votes short of tie (yes, I know how to count).
Double Ouch! Look where the other votes went to:
Edwards, 8;
Kucinich, 6;
Bill Richards, 4;
Joe Biden, 2.


* Ron Paul received 562 votes in the county. Rudy Giuliani received 223.

* John McCain won every town in Ulster County and Romney was second in every town except for Denning (Huckabee was second there with 10 votes).

Interesting non-number:
There's one precint in Ulster that has not reported (bad Wawarsing!).

The moral of the primary story?

Move to Denning, votes really count out there.
And if you are a voting Republican in Ulster, ask to be put in the endangered species list.

Congratulations to everyone who voted (pat yourself in the back) and shame on all the rest (who must now buy me a beer).

I'll be waiting.