Monday, January 14, 2008

And the award for most award shows goes to ...

Did you see the Golden Globes Awards?

I didn’t either.

There was no ceremony, after all.

So if you did see anything at all, it was probably the “news” conference on NBC or E! with an entertainer reading quickly from a list.

You might also have been fortunate enough to recently miss the New York Film Critics Circle Awards (Jan. 7), the Critic’s Choice Awards (Jan 7) and the People’s Choice Awards (Jan. 8)

And the We-Can-Still-Make-More-Money-If-We-Make-Another-Awards-Show Awards.

Coming up:

* The Directors Guild of America Awards (Jan. 26)
* The Screen Actors Guild Awards (Jan. 27)
* The Grammy Awards (Feb. 10)
* The Cinema Audio Society Awards (Feb. 16)
* The Academy Awards (Feb. 24)

That's just what's coming up through February, and I'm pretty sure I missed at least a dozen other shows.
I used to joke that with so many awards shows, one of them was going to end up with an award.

Alas, that actually happens every year.

Case in point, The 79th Annual Academy Awards was nominated for seven Emmys last year.


At the end, The Oscars received two Emmys (as weird as that sounds), for Outstanding Art Direction For A Variety, Music Or Nonfiction Programming and Outstanding Music Direction.

And that's not the only weird thing.
I mean, if there are some many "outstanding" shows out there, how come there's nothing good to see on TV? (HBO doesn't qualify since "it's not TV").