Friday, December 28, 2007

Merry txting Xmas!

On Christmas, I sent a whole bunch of holiday text messages to friends and acquaintances I didn't buy presents for (I’m cheap).

It was a simple message: “Merry Christmas!”

Following are some of the answers I could decipher:

“Who dis?”

“Back @ ya bro peace”

“Merry Xmas 2U2 man”

My favorite?

“’s no reason to be by yourself tonight?? c me at : *(*”

I hope “Benito” gets a million spam messages this holiday.

I’m not sending him one. Texting costs me money (I told you I was cheap).

And what’s up with the language?

AFAIC, dis txting OTP is a PITA.
That’s my MOTD. NRN.