Wednesday, November 21, 2007

3's company

The end is begun, again.

The Woodstock-based band 3 (led by Joey Eppard, center, the son of Jimmy and brother of Josh) plays with Counterfeit Disaster in a homecoming concert Saturday at 9 p.m. at the Bearville Theater on Tinker Street. Tickets are $18.

And on Feb. 19, The Metal Blade band is set to re-release its sophomore album "The End is Begun" with a bonus track and DVD. The bonus track is a spin on the classic Pink Floyd song, "See Emily Play" (That was Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd).

The bonus DVD will feature live performances of the songs˜Monster," "Bramfatura" and "Amaze Disgrace" (all songs from "Wake Pig") from a show from Worcester, Mass. Production videos of the songs "All that Remains" and "Alien Angel" will also be included on the bonus DVD.

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Visit or call (845) 679 4406 for more information about the concert.
The photo, by the way, was taken by former Freeman photographer Daniel McCabe.