Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A time to ‘kill,’ via e-mail

“Please go KILL these people.”

That was part of a note Catskill Superintendent of Schools Kathleen Farrell wanted to send to John Wallabay, director of facilities for the school district.


It gets better: Out of frustration and in haste, she mass e-mailed the note. And a number of teachers got it.

The Freeman had the whole enchilada today.

I wonder what would had happened if that note had been sent by a student.

Oh, wait! I actually do know what would have happend to a student. And you do, too.
Sad times, indeed.

Lesson here is, of course, don’t write angry e-mails in haste. It’s like drinking and dialing, and it leaves a record.
We all have said something inappropriate without meaning it (maybe you haven’t, but I’m proyecting here).

I’m pretty bad myself (I even make machine-gun sounds). But a certain smile on my face lets people know I’m OK (though some might think I’m crazy). Thankfully, I do such things where people know me well. So even those who think I’m crazy know at least that I’m safe.

And with sound effects.