Monday, October 1, 2007

Sound advisers

Freeman music reviewer David Malachowski, also a producer and musician, recently won an Associated Press award for "Sound Advice," which runs in Preview every Friday.

Before him, under my umbrella (I'd like to say), Peter Aaron handled the column (he also is a musician and also won an AP award).

So it was no surprise to me when Peter's album arrived in the mail.

Here's the cover.

Yeah, I know. That's how you end up when you've worked for me.


Bad jokes aside, David said that his role with the band Mechanical Bull, which you read in Life on Friday, came after he reviewed the band's album. There was a benefit for him earlier in the year, to help him with his medical bills, and he started jammin' with the band (Come to think of it, I've seen him playing with different people every time we've crossed paths).

David recently played at the blues festival in Lake George with The Woodstock All-stars.

Here's a photo I've shamelessly stolen from his MySpace page (he's my MySpace "friend," you see?)

He's third from the right.

The all-stars are (in no particular order) Harvey Sorgen, Pete Levin, Dennis Gruenling, Adam Widoff, Jill Stevenson and Albert Cummings.