Sunday, October 21, 2007

My burning wish backfired

So the political signs, instead of burning, are multiplying.

That’s fine. At this point, there are so many and they’re so close to each other, you can’t really read them nor want to. Unless, of course, you actually want to crash your car. I almost crashed mine driving along Ulster Avenue in Kingston today.

So this sentence should be read as a four-letter word directed to every single candidate who has a sign around Ulster and Albany avenues (sad thing is, that’s probably all of them). Add a "you."

I seriously doubt there’s a voter out there who’ll immediately form his or her political opinion after a glimpse of just a name in a sign for, say, Jonathan Vincent Holley Sennett Bradley Carnright Jr., or whatever his name is.

Just imagine:

“Wow! Look at that beautiful lettering on that sign! Until now, I hadn’t decided who I was going to pick for district attorney for the county, but after seeing those wonderful colors ….”

It’s only going to get scarier, I guess.
But that’s fine.
It’s the Halloween season, so we should expect some creepy things.
Here's hope we'll all survive.