Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day

So it’s Labor Day and, therefore, most of us are going to be outside, not laboring.

In my case, sometimes I’m working and it looks like I’m wasting my time.

Case in point: I browse many newspapers at the beginning of my shift, usually while I’m printing a page, getting e-mails or checking messages, or doing all of it at the same time. I’m not only working, but multi-tasking. But for the casual observer, it doesn’t look like I’m working at all.

Another one: After editing a CD review, I have to check the Web sites that we print, to make sure they are accurate. As it is increasingly the case nowadays, band sites tend to be on, where most of them also post photos they want us to use. But you have to be logged in to do that.
For the casual observer, I’m wasting my time on

And sometimes, when I’m multi-tasking, I’m on while I browse a newspaper.

I love this job.