Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Away message away

This is what you should’ve been exposed to on June 23:

“I’m going to be away until July 3. I’ll be back then” (I forgot to push the PUBLISH button)

I was on vacation, and I actually took a painfully forced break from the news and the Web (or at least I tried until the terror plots in the U.K.).

So I missed reading about the gigantic Ellenville drug bust and the tiny ‘hippie’ bust, a racy DA race, the Hilton interview (no loss there), “Die Hard 4” (call it what you want, it’s just “Die Hard” to me), the iPhone (I want it), the Libby quasi-pardon and the iPhone.

Did I mention the iPhone? And how its only carrier, AT&T, has no reception either at the Freeman office or at my house?

Anyway, this is my belated way of saying sorry. And get out there. It’s nice.

And get me an iPhone.