Monday, May 21, 2007

Day or night?

Remnants of bygone years at the copy desk on the News side have turned my biological clock upside down. I never got over the night shift, which used to go from 4 p.m. to 12 p.m.

So I am still a night owl, with baggy eyes to prove it.

And although I am used to a daily paper routine, I recognize that a blog is a different beast (ARRGH!). I’m gathering the blog should be posted in the morning, to complement the paper better.

But as anybody who’s been unlucky enough to see me can tell you, in those evil hours I am a growling zombie working on autopilot until enough caffeine has marinated my body (sorry about the mental picture).

In the afternoon, after enough coffee and Mountain Dew, you can see me running up and down the newsroom working like a madman (I’ve always contended that you have to be a madman, or a madwoman, to be able to work in this crazy industry -- but that’s just insane me).

What I’m trying to tell you in this verbose entry is that I’m going to be posting my items early in the morning or, most likely, extremely early in the morning --as in just past midnight.

Now is time for me to go back to this beautiful craziness.