Saturday, May 26, 2007

Clothes and cat hugs

When at an office, there is a certain expectation (I would hope) for proper office attire.

What proper office attire is, however, is never explained.

So, on most days, I wear a shirt-and-pants combo, just to remind me that I am actually a professional newsman (pat, pat, pat on the back).

Yet, every now and then, I wear a T-shirt and jeans, usually on my self-imposed casual Fridays (more like I-run-out-of-shirts Fridays, but the end result is the same).

If I have to come on a weekend day and is sunny out, you can bet I’m coming to work wearing shorts (if they’re clean). The office is closed to business, after all, leaving only the newsroom staff.
And since I’m working in the Life department, well, I think I should look like I have a life (which I do, I think).
I also have a T-shirt with cat hugs, even though people keep calling them holes (some people are just crazy).

All of this is just a lengthy reminder for you to wear sunblock when you are out this weekend.
You certainly don’t want little sunburn spots that made it through your cat-hugged T-shirt.