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Monday, August 31, 2015

No words (and other topics)

Henry and Sterling streets on Sunday morning, the day after a vigil was held
for four young men who died in a crash in Saugerties last week.

Other topics:
Have we talked about ethics in Virtual Reality Journalism? Because actually never mind.
Here's the stuff that Netflix will have in September. 
The Dutchess County Fair was full of animals. Creepy animals.
Newspapers are hard.

Today's video: 
Here's a dude on top of a wind turbine.

The Four:
* This Saugerties teen is now an FDNY firefighter.
* This famous house is for rent. Let me know if there is a "Bob Dylan wuz here" scribbled anywhere.
* The Culinary Institute of America is going to be on Ghost Hunters on Wednesday, because sure why not.
* Mud. 

One cat (soap opera): Cat Hospital.

In Soviet Russia, Yesterday's Internet, Today! misses you!

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