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Monday, March 28, 2011

How to use Twitter for journalism

The livestream (now with better resolution):

(By the way, it should be mentioned that at the end of the session, I got cake).

The links used were:

10 things you need to stop tweeting about - The Oatmeal

Channeling the news brand on Twitter and Facebook - Zombie journalism

Also by Mandy Jenkins, which I didn't get to use, is the most excellent "Accuracy and accountability checklist for social media."

The tools we discussed were Twitter, Tweetdeck and  Bit.ly.

Also, one guide I didn't get to use and should have is the Elements of Twitter Style.

Another guide I could have use but didn't was the intro to Twitter (modified) guide by Idealaber Lee Moran:


One more link: Journal Register Company Adviser Jay Rosen, a New York University professor, explains how he tweets professionally.

UPDATE: Fellow Idealabber Kelly Metz of the Morning Journal in Ohio also has a Twittorial:


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