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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

On today's bloggosphere: houses, hipsters and other things that don't start with 'H'

* City Editor Jeremy Schiffres talks about "silly censorship." It's a (EXPLETIVE) eye-opener.

* Ulster County Comptroller Elliot Auerbach talks about all the sold houses I can't afford.

* Photographer Jen Kiaba grapples with being a modern woman in a world of hipsters who wear things like a native-style head dress from Urban Outfitters. I'm afraid to show her this link.

* Leslie Coons talks about deers vs. plants (deers win, by the way); Batiks (not to be confused with batpeople); remembering an influential gardener whose name I can't remember; and making jelly with dandelions (I rather have chicken).

* Andrew Hickey of 90MilesNorth talks about Search engine optimization companies in the Hudson Valley not being clear enough with their clients and other things that are not clear to me.

* The folks at Dragon Search create content about creating content and uses this one place to talk about having "a presence in a LOT of places."

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