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Friday, September 19, 2008

What's in a name

Random online generators sure are a nice curiosity.

Take the Sarah Palin baby name generator, inspired by the unusual name of the governor of Alaska's kids: Track, Trig, Bristol, Willow and Piper.

My name would be "Chin Trout"


Other names:

For 101st district Assemblyman Kevin Cahill, D-Kingston: Nixon Hailfire
For challenger Robin Yess:Recoil Mush
For U.S. Rep Maurice Hinchey, D-Hurley: Filter Skate
For George Phillips: Bomb Locamotive

For Barack Obama: Tarp Lazer
For Joe Biden: Beans Harpoon
For John McCain: Steam Fangs
And for Sarah Palin herself: Flack Gobbler
Go figure.
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