Monday, August 1, 2016

Write. Write. Write

"Write. Write. Write" is the sort of all-encompassing and kind-of-lazy advice that feels OK to dole out or tweet when you have nothing better to say to fellow scribes who are having writer's block, or are frustrated with the news or their Facebook feeds or are having some sort of dilemmas.
But for ~writers~ it also is good advice and one that I'm currently following.

So there's that.

The election is making many in the media think that the media is bad and that is good if the result is self-reflection. 
But let's just remember that the media is, simply, plural. 
Did you know newsletters are the new cool news thing? Is that why I have not sent a newsletter in a while? We might never know. 


The Four:
The chickens are back so of course people are wondering about the Confederate flags. But let's not cross that road.
One cat: Write. Write. Nope.


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