Monday, August 22, 2016

Worry, and be happy

Look into the disorganized collection of sad and happy moments that is our very existence and consider that the collection is guaranteed to have both kinds of moments, but which ones we maintain and cherish are up to us. This is hardly an original idea, but it popped into my head today again and I wanted to finally settle it in some form or writing, so I can put it in my own collection.

Oh boy, where to start?
How not to kill a meme?
How terrified should all writers be?
How to figure out millennials?
How to decide whether to have comments?
How dead is Gawker, really, if the web is like Gawker?
I'd like to dig deeper, but I'm actually moderating comments so

One video:


The Four:
At long last, our long sky lantern nightmare is over. 
But our chicken nightmare continues.  
* The fair across the river opens tomorrow.
* #omnomnom
One cat: Worry, and be happy.

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