Monday, June 20, 2016

Uncertain symbols on a fixed trajectory

Look up. It's the summer of the state of news media reports doom and gloom, the best and worst time to be a news consumer/producer and everything old is new again etc., etc., but this time in a smaller circle, like water going down a drain.
There will be many metaphors and takes and algorithm tweaks and hopes to change that, but the only way to stop this sorry state in the industry is to break the sink and throw it out the window.

Not like this, c'mon now. 
And please stop killing the news
Because it's a cruel summer and winter is coming.
And the arrows are down while the arrows are down,  
like water going down a drain.
So break the sink, already, there isn't much water left.
One video: Another metaphor

The Four:
* New Flag.
* 50 flags.
* New mascot
* Old Catskill Mountain Railroad. 
One cat:

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