Monday, January 18, 2016

The awkward reality of being

Find a recent, terrible photo of yourself. Post it on social media.
Can you do it?
The point is not the potential for embarrassment, but to shuffle off this social media coil and to dismantle the alterations of carefully crafted personas.
Or it could be to take power away from perceived judgements and digital pitchforks.
Or for fun.

After all, everyone is altered. 

Here's a new social media app that's apparently already dead, while the journalism orthodoxy is already dead, because of El Chapo Republic of Sean Penn Hughes.
But I'm in a journalism podcast, anyway! SPOILER ALERT: I have an accent and I'm awkward (see photo above). Good luck. And "Be the change."

A June Freeman story about prospects for the former Catskill Game Farm, republished by our sister publication in Oneida then, is going viral on Facebook now and some people are even wondering why the Freeman didn't cover it, because Facebook.

So close.

So far.

This is the sideways pizza story to end all pizzas stories. 

One video: Kingston Winter Farmer's Market, in 360.

Kingston Winter Farmer's Market at the Old Dutch Church
Check out the goods at the Kingston Farmer's Market inside the Old Dutch Church.
Posted by Daily Freeman on Saturday, January 16, 2016

Here's Uptown, and I'm in two of those images. See if you can find me.

The Four:
* What's up with all those new hotels in the town of Ulster?
* What's up with all those store closings in the town of Ulster?
* What's up with the rail-trail debate?
* What's up with Midtown Kingston?

One cat ~sketch~: "America's Funniest Cats."

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