Wednesday, December 30, 2015

On the Internet, nobody knows ...

The year is ending, the snow is melting and the fog is the question.
Online, the takes and viral posts of outrageous Fortune
will rise and fall and rise again in an endless Sea of troubles.
Is it better to go to sleep
or to feed the beast? Or to say we end
here and now, in the endless outrage of a thousand Natural shocks
that come and go?

Hamlet was indecisive, but we don't have to be. 
... you're a dog, with pants.
And that's what killing the Internet.

The future of journalism is
This expression, which goes with anything

One video: ICYMI.

The Four:
* There will be fireworks.
* There's more where that cat came from. 
* Ready to party.
* Guns.
One cat yoga story.
One cat:

Yesterday's Internet, Today! doesn't do cat yoga.