Tuesday, November 3, 2015

All hearts and no stars

People have strong feelings about cosmetic changes— feels, faves and likes, in a starless world of random hearts.


Remember how Twitter was all decaying and dead yesterday? Well, it decided to change things up a bit by turning its Favorites to Likes and Starts to Hearts so of course everyone is in a panic and that's why we need four bylines for a listicle.  Patrick Hogan solved this for everyone, thankfully.

Meanwhile, dumb men do dumb likes on Instagram; this terrible football team is using the ‘Take Yo Panties Off’ defense because America; and your secret Google searches are not secret and are being used and now I feel bad for the "cat herpes" search guy. 

In conclusion, turn your computer off, go for a walk and remember you forgot to vote today.
One video: No idea whether to fave, heart or what to do with this.

The Four:
It's Election Day and we're doing it live! I'll tweet some pizza pics, obvs.
* This Woodstock ballot failed at its one job. 
* I hope you didn't have a problem voting, but if you did, there's a number for that.
* We made you an Election page. Don't say we didn't cover this.

One cat: Useful.

Yesterday's Internet, Today! votes for you to fave it in your inbox for hearts.