Sunday, July 4, 2010

Twitter wisdom

We asked you to send us what you thought are the best tweets from the Hudson Valley region, either yours or the ones that you like. And although we didn't get many answers - probably because you were busy tweeting - we did get some gems.
So here they are:

* Twitter user Neesh has some regional - and free - music to share, a compilation of songs from 19 Hudson Valley bands. Free stuff has never been so priceless.

FREE digital download- Neeshland Presents: Butterflies and Butcher Knives Vol. 1 (Hudson Valley, NY) -... than a minute ago via Tumblr

* Duncan Brine shares some gardening wisdom in an age of instant gratification.

The time required to garden and cook is so often resented. Too bad, that time provides some of the best times of our life.less than a minute ago via Seesmic

*Sergio Otaegui of the Marlboro-based band Thieves And Villains wants to remind you that

it boggles my mind that no matter where in the world I am, kids still come up to me on a daily basis talkin about Always Rushing By #HVtweetless than a minute ago via mobile web

* Saugerties resident Lisa Martine shares some of the wisdom from Alex Brown, a perennial Hudson Valley tweeterer.

#HVtweet @sleepjunky Coffee was the only word she could muster. - Nominated for best use of the word "muster" in a tweet :)less than a minute ago via web