Thursday, July 1, 2010

Insensitive columnist responds to response by assembly people

I feel compelled to respond to the very well written letter by nice person and New York State Assemblyman Marc Molinaro, which was prompted by this mean column.

(It should be noted that the assemblyman's letter was written before the Legislature decided to stick it to New Yorkers and take a break for the holiday - who needs a budget, right?)

Anyway, first of all, I have to say that I forgot to not name State Sen. James Seward.

Second, to members of Kevin Cahill staff who are also members of the city of Kingston Common Council and who are named Tom Hoffay and who like to criticize columnists while they're eating lunch at Keegan Ales on Wednesdays: If you guys are working so hard, how come the budget is three months late? What would your landlord do if you were three months behind in rent? Keep you there because you're a nice guy and are working hard?

Do try that and let me know what happens.

Third, about Molinaro's well intentioned reform efforts, all I have to say is this: How's that going?

Exhibit A, via the Associated Press:

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — The Legislature on Thursday broke for the July 4 holiday weekend indefinitely, leaving a state budget that's three months overdue and Gov. David Paterson furiously vetoing the parts of the budget that were passed.

The Democrat-led Senate left Albany for at least several days and perhaps a week or more, declining to act on the critical revenue bill to close the state budget. Democrats also made their goodbye speeches and held a news conference to list their accomplishments of the 2010 session.

The Assembly later voted 88-56 to pass the revenue bill, the budget's final piece in that chamber, then left Thursday shortly before midnight with an unspecified return, pending a call by the speaker. The bill would raise an estimated $869 million this year and $1.77 billion next year through various tax adjustments.

"In the face of fiscal uncertainty, New Yorkers need action," admonished state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, a Democrat. "Stay in Albany and get the job done."

Let the blaming begin.

Also, a parting shot, again via AP, of the governor vetoing a little bit of legislation: