Monday, April 26, 2010

Facebook answers with nonanswer

So I contacted Facebook to find out what had happened with Martha Frankel's link. (See the two posts past naked Obama). After getting an automatic reply. I received this other automatic reply the following day:


Our systems indicate that the email address you are writing from is not associated with an account that has been warned or disabled. Please be aware that you must email us directly from the email address associated with the account in question in order for us to assist you.

Be sure to provide your full name and a brief description of the problem you are experiencing in your response, and include all of our prior correspondence so that we can refer to your original inquiry. If you are unable to send a message from your login email address, please list the email address in your response and we will look into this matter further.

If you're writing on behalf of a friend, please ask your friend to write to us directly, so that we can confirm their identity for account security purposes.

If your inquiry is not related to a warning or a disabled account, please visit our Help Center at


Yes, thanks for nothing, Facebook. UNLIKE!

P.S. The elusive Facebook e-mail adress that's almost impossible to find is not listed anywhere.

So here it is: