Wednesday, August 12, 2009

After Woodstock, Gentler Generation Gap

After Woodstock Gentler Generation Gap

A sample of responses to the question: “Do you know what Woodstock was?”

Thumbs Down
• “A bunch of hippies met in a park and did whatever they wanted”
• “A total moral mess”
• “Bunch of crazies running around smoking dope”
• “Hippie drug-fest”
• “Wild kids having sex”
• “Filth”
• “Pathetic”
Thumbs Up
• “It was about love and peace and the war”
• “A celebration of freedom and new ideas”
• “People being out in the open and being free”
• “Era of rebellion and being yourself”
• “A celebration of life, love and music”
• “A love-in”
• “One hell of a party”
Maybe Up, Maybe Down
• “A mass gathering to hear music and run around in the mud”
• “Everyone went to a field and got naked”
• “An amorous party at a farm and Jimi Hendrix played ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ on his guitar with his teeth”