Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Woodstock state of mind

Bob Dylan is said to have written some of his most famous songs while living upstairs at The Expresso Cafe in Woodstock in the mid '60s.

What follows is a section from David McDonald's film "Woodstock Revisited," which tells the back story of how the '60s and The Woodstock Festival 40 years ago.

For more info or to order a copy of the film, visit http://woodstockrevisited.webs.com/

McDonald, of Woodstock, and of “Woodstock Can’t Get There From Here" fame will be showing sections of his series, “The Mystery of Creativity,” (and other stuff) at at 5 p.m. on June 13 at the Woodstock Library at 5 Library Lane.

“The Mystery of Creativity” is billed as the first television series dealing with the connections between creativity and spirituality.

McDonald began his investigation into the subject matter several years ago while working on “Woodstock Can’t Get There From Here."

Here's a clip about artist Charlie Hewitt.

Charlie Hewitt Four and a half minutes from The Mystery of Creativity on Vimeo.

Call (845) 679-2213 for more information.