Thursday, May 31, 2007

A day is a day, right?

National Trails Day is Saturday.

And Sunday.

This craziness will be in Life as a brief on Friday, and will make readers question the lucidity of the section’s editor.

That’s me, by the way.

Cedar Grove, Thomas Cole National Historic Site in Catskill, is having a plethora of events this weekend, which apparently the site couldn’t fit into the day they were trying to celebrate.

Cedar Grove’s official celebration is Sunday, according to its news release. the American Hiking Society’s utterly made-up holiday is Saturday (the society’s Web site has only Saturday’s events for Cedar Grove).

So when you read the item tomorrow, who’s going to end up looking like an ass’ buttocks?

(Correct language usage there, be gay and don’t send me hate mail).

And what’s up with these “(enter disease name) Awareness Day/Week/Month”?

Are we supposed to be only “aware” of a particular disease on a particular date?

It’s all in the name, of course, the way the Hudson Valley’s Walk for Autism last month in Dutchess County was not really FOR autism (I hope).

Maybe I’m being too literal. But if a “day” is two days and walking “for” something is really to fight it, what’s next?

TANGENT ALERT: Now that we are in this topic, Kingston's Benedictine Hospital is having a National Cancer Survivors Day celebration on Sunday from 3 to 5 p.m. at the hospital's auditorium. Registration is required by today. Call (845) 338-2500, ext. 4453.