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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Here's the Freeman front page when the Cubs won the World Series in 1908

Via Telegraph!

Also of note, 'CALF WRECKED AUTO."

Closer look:

By Telegraph to The Freeman

Chicago, Oct. 15. — Exultant over their victory in winning the world's championship the Chicago team of the National League arrived home from Detroit early today and was met at the station by an enthuastic (sic) crowd. The players, who wore accompanied by members of the national commission, reported having met with ovations wherever the train stopped on tho way home. When the train pulled into the station here a mob or baseball enthusiasts rushed through the gates and carried a "welcome home" to the individual players. Some of the players announced their intention of preparing for fishing and hunting trips, although they are scheduled for an exhibition game to be played here with the Detroit team on Sunday. In this game the players will appear an (sic) individuals and not as clubs.

Check out Hudson River Valley Heritage Historical Newspapers for that edition and others.

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