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Friday, March 4, 2016

The incessantly distracting blathering of unremarkable silence

Wanted silence is the best— a island found after spending too much time in the sea of noise.
The isolating nature of unwanted silence, on the other hand, can be a frustrating staring contest with emptiness, or worse, a downward spiral into a subconscious shouting match between fear and doubt.
How you choose to fill your silence depends on your circumstance and state of space. In any case, you can always make a small noise, audible or spatial, and be done with it.

Game! Find the "Freeman" in the photo above.
Man with doctorate lives in car. 
OJ Simpson news. Seriously.
Siblings, 7 and 10, launch detective agency.
House of Cars is on Netflix. So here's the New York Times refresher.

One video: Celebrities Dramatically Recite Kanye Tweets

And you thought I was weird.

The Four:
Bird poop the suspect in Indian Point nuclear plant shutdown. No joke.
* Syrofoam ban ban.
* Sale tax fight is important but oh, so boring.

One cat:

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