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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Here comes the rain again

The prism of our perception allows us to process information in a positive or negative way. If it's pouring over your head, the plants are getting what they need, and it gets cooler. Here's a nifty experiment: Think of something that happened to you today that was inconvenient, or even made you angry. Can you see, in the macroverse, a positive consequence of such an event?

Good! Now let's look at some terrible things.


Today I almost wrote one of these heds.  
We're all dead. 

The Four:
* Of course there are Confederate flags at the Ulster County Fair.
* This happens every two years. 
* Remember the King's Inn? Because I DO.
* Poster.

Today's video that's trending because pageviews:  Baby Elephant Calf vs Birds

One cat: Staying cool.

Yesterday's Internet, Today! rains all over your parade. 

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