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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Watch a Happy Meal decompose into the same exact Happy Meal 6 months later

Today is food day at the Freeman, so let's talk about those things that like to pretend they're food.

New York based photographer Sally Davies bought a happy meal and took a picture for a day from 6 months.

In the photos, the unhappy meal remains virtually unchanged. It reminded me of "Stomach not happy with Happy Meal," a column from 2008 which quotes McDonald's actual answers to common questions, like

* "Are there worms in the meat?"; and
* "Are there really eyeballs and other weird stuff in your burgers?!?"

No joke.

Check out all the pictures at Sally Davies McDonalds Happy Meal Project.

In the burger's defense, I can only say that at least it's not made with mechanically separated chicken.


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