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Monday, May 3, 2010

Blog bits around the valley

* Freeman publisher Ira Fusfeld laments that news organizations peppered their tables at the White House Correspondents Dinner (aka #nerdprom) with celebrities. Not mentioned in the post is that one of those celebrities was Saugerties High School grad Jimmy Fallon.

* Ulster County Legislator Michael Madsen bravely doesn't comment on the controversy over organ donations by posting a news video about presumed consent for organ donations.

* Kingston Alderman Bill Reynolds has found the Kingston Waterfront. Spoiler alert: There's water.

* KingstonCitizens.org excitingly reads the Freeman's classified section and finds a legal notice.

* Porn?

* Food.

* Say cheese!

* Ulster County Comptroller Elliott Auerbach posts something someone else wrote.

* The Kingston Digital Corridor unveils its awesome map of Hot Spots in Kingston, showcasing only two sites with Wi-Fi. Off the top of my head I know at least 10. Not to worry, the corridor folks say, "Have one to add? Let us know, and we’ll get ‘em a HotSpot sticker!" What they don't say is how to let them know.

* Over at DragonSearch, Google sucks.

* Like, the folks at 90MilesNorth like to talk about Facebook changes like the 'like' button. Like, because Facebook sucks.

* Which reminds me, I have 100 fans who like me on Facebook.

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