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Monday, April 26, 2010

On today's bloggosphere: YouTube videos, 'known' people, golden opportunities - and your photos suck

* Ulster County Legislator Michael Madsen, D-Kingston, has a new post with a YouTube video posted more than a year ago.

* The Ulster County Development Corp. announces that "an exciting group of nationally known travel and tourism experts" will speak at an upcoming tourism conference. I'm excited to say I don't know any of the "nationally known" speakers.

* KingstonCitizens.org touts "A Golden Opportunity For the City Of Kingston’s Youth." I checked. Sorry, kids, there's no gold.

* Photographer Jen Kiaba gives out some great photo tips after coming to the shocking conclusion that your photos suck.

* Cheyl Paff of At the Farmers Market talks about the Woodstock Farm Festival featuring a cool YouTube video that will give you the munchies.

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