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Friday, March 28, 2008

Breaking (expletive) news

The headline: "Spitzer was directlty involved in anti-Bruno plot, prosecutor says"
The players:
* Eliot Spitzer.
* Former Spitzer aide Darren Dopp.
* State Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno.
The issue: "Troopergate"
The best line:
"Dopp said Spitzer then used vulgarities to describe Bruno and ordered Dopp to 'shove it up his (expletive) with a red-hot poker.'"
The explanation:
According to the (expletive)ociated Press, a probe found that Spitzer tried to embarr(expletive) Bruno by p(expletive)ing records of Bruno's legal misuse of state planes to the press in an attempt to (expletive)asinate Bruno's career.
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