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Friday, September 21, 2007

Right corner, wrong house

Ulster County’s Building and Grounds Administrative Manager Vic Work (and many readers) noted that today’s best bet on the tours at the Mathewis Persen House contained a photo of a house on the other corner.

“The photo in the article is one of the other three stone houses on that intersection," Work wrote to me. "One is a Mexican Restaurant, and two are private homes.”

He then gave me two photos of the Persen House, one before renovations and one taken today.
So for the record, here are the shots.
This one is before renovations:

This photo, after renovations, was taken today.

In case you missed the story in Preview, the Persen House is finally opening for tours after undergoing renovations since 1999.

The Freeman even had an editorial about it on Wednesday.

(Full disclosure: I have nothing to do with the editorials, which are - by definition - the opinions of the paper itself. In case you're wondering, editorials do not influence the operations of the newsroom, be it Sports, News or Life.)

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