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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Stand by for waaaaaaa

The Ulster County Courthouse, as seen through some trees.
The Hudson Valley has a very distinct color palette at certain times of the day. Take a look.

Ohai remember that the parent company of the Freeman was up for sale?
  Well, not really. Or, not really? There is only one logical conclusion to all these developments:

Such is life, where Picasso's cubic nipples are blurred.  and "The Simpsons" know about "The Simpsons before you did.

Alas, at least you're not the couple blessed with 13 children. All boys.

The Four:
* Animals!
* House Party! (but for politician, so meh)
* Aerodrome!
* Spring! 

One cat: with opinions

Yesterday's Internet, today! likes charts.

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