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Friday, March 25, 2011

Zombies needed for filming in Kingston

Our friends from the Hudson Valley Film Commission have just announced that an upcoming filming in Kingston featuring a "world renowned band" is casting extras, featured extras and dancers of all styles (tap, African, breaking, popping, ballet).

Specifically, the commission says, they are looking for "FASHIONISTA CLUB ZOMBIES"

The commission explains:
Time commitments depend will depend on role but may be up to 10 hours for main shoot day.

Date will be announced shortly.

The dress code for this project is critical.

Leather, rubber, PVC, glam drag, full evening, Victorian & Edwardian, jockstraps, gothic drag, cyber-wear, religious garb & pagan robes, Jackie T-shirts & flannels, dickensonian beggarwear, Kitty Boots studded panties only, military drag & uniforms, scars & piercings, butch drag for women.
Absolutely no fur coats.
No suits, ties, dress pants or jackets for man.
No rugby shirts or rugby players.
No droopy drag and no bandy clichés.
And as always—no ski wear.

*Also need Michael Jackson red jacket thriller type, Lady gaga type for cameos...
**Project will also need 5-10 old time zombies dress in Night of Living dead middle America garb.

If you are interested, send photo of yourself, resume.
Email Zombie Casting at zombiecall@me.com

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