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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hudson Valley Twitterverse, Thursday edition

* Assemblyman Marc Molinaro can't finish a senten...

As you know, last Friday I announced my intention to seek re-election to the State Assembly. Two weeks ago the... http://bit.ly/aeELRTless than a minute ago via Facebook

* Garden goddess Leslie Coons learns about not-so-subtle advertising.

The things I learn that I didn't know. Mowing the lawn has another meaning? Funny column by a former colleague: http://bit.ly/dA0v6dless than a minute ago via web

* Photographer Jen Kiaba is playing Halo 3 or something.

I'm working on my site for Headshots right now! Actors, what kinds of information would you like to see up here to... http://bit.ly/a8ftYgless than a minute ago via Facebook

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