Thursday, April 25, 2013

23 awesome gifs some redditors want you to stop using

A reddit group in the category that mixes animated gifs and sounds, the originally named subreddit Gifsound, wants you to stop using some gifs the community considers over-used.
But they're still awesome.

Here is the current list, which I am trying to back-source as I write this, which will be the actual point of a follow up post about tracking gifs down (otherwise I'd feel guilty).

Update: IT IS HARD! If you want to chime in with some information before I finish backtracking, be my guest).
The overused gifs are:

1. Honey Boo Boo and mom 
Better than the "sketti" gifs, I guess.

(via Tumblr, traced back to at least last year, when the show was peaking)
2. Sax playing walrus 
The gif mashup 'Mythbusters' walrus gif was posted on Imgur at least 2 years ago.
Also, Walruses cannot play saxophones. MYTH BUSTED!

(via Photobucket, with watermark) 

3. Colbert dancing behind man in suit.

The man in suit is Barney Frank, then a Congressman, appearing on "The Colbert Report"'s in November 2005 after Colbert's second "Better Know A District" segment, originally airing Oct. 25, 2005.

(via Imgur)
4. Colbert techno/rave dance
Many a dubstep track has been mashed with this.

(via Imgur)
5. Bane dancing
(via Imgur, with watermark) The Batman would not nod at this.

6. Neil Patrick Harris and Elmo
 Yes that's NPH with Elmo. True story.

(via Imgur, from Sesame Street.)

7. Fresh Prince Will Smith dancing in bedroom with drummer

(via Imgur)
8. Preacher turns into a jet

(via Imgur)
9. Camping WASP family wearing Snuggies.

(via Imgur)
10. Spider-man dancing

60's Spider-man would probably say some nasty things about this.

(via Imgur)
11. Dancing two-man zebra


(via Imgur)

12. Obama and Romney headbanging

(via Imgur)
13. Patrick on a pony ride

(via Tumblr)
14. Colin Mochrie raptor dance

(via Imgur)

15. Cartoon bird & raccoon Snoop dance

(via Imgur)
16. Dr. Who in the rain

(via Imgur)
17. Obi-Wan blue screen drive

(via Tumblr)

18. Miguel playing guitar
Can be mashed with any Mumford & Sons song.

(via Imgur).
19. Middle-aged man and woman disco dancing

(via Imgur)
20. Ned Flanders freaking out
(This one goes back to at least 2011 as well), mashed most time with Daft Punk's "Technologic."


21. Older man moving eyebrows

(via Imgur)
22. Chubby shirtless boy dancing

(via Imgur, with watermark)
23. Batman and Robin head nod.

At least they're not running away from things.

(via tumblr)

All the way to the end?
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This post is also a test to see if or when this post gets ripped off somewhere else. And, yes, I'm channelling my inner Buzzfeed, but I'm trying to see how hard it would be to have one of its posts sourced all the way to the original, which might be time-prohibitive or impossible.