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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Prove me wrong

The corner of Thomas Street and Broadway in Midtown Kingston last year. It used to be Ulster Lighting. It is now this.
The city of Kingston is evolving. It always is. As it changes and grows, we sometimes complain about how things are not as they used to be. It is what we do, I guess (especially in the comments).
But I like to think that things are getting better. There are signs and statistics about this, all over, all the time.
Not all things, obviously, but if you put it all together, we're better off.
Think about it.

Apparently, it is important to have "unicorns in the newsroom," described as a journalist who knows how to code.  I don't code, and we don't have coders here.
But I like to pretend? We just got an online award about this amazing story from Paula, so I like what we can patch up without coding.
We're evolving, indeed.
Or is newspaper reporter the worst job? 
SPOILER: It is not. We get to do what we wanted when we grew up.
How many people get to say that?
The Four:
* Catskill Mountain Railroad Commenters, ASSEMBLE!
* This guy wants to be your congressman. 
* Police academy, the not-funny kind.
* New Paltz's Hughenot Street wants your stories.
One cat: And one reporter. Who's having a better time?

Yesterday's Internet, Today! likes to #partylikeajournalist. It also likes its subscribers

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